Saturday, 14 March 2015

Those down days

This week I had a couple of those days where you just feel down. You don't know why or if there even is a reason. But, for whatever reason it is you feel sad and just generally down in the dumps. Maybe this is just a thing girls get? However, it inspired this post all about what I do to cheer myself up on these days. I had some inspiration from other bloggers and YouTubers, but have now finalised this list.

1. Just chill out. Don't attempt any of the work you have, unless it is desperate. You won't be concentrating on it properly and it'll only be done to half your usual standard because it is reflective of your mood. 

2. Alternatively, you may want to consider work. Maybe it will take your mind off things? I spent a lot of this week thinking about my future. What did I want from life? Do I want a specific job? How can I get there? Though its not strictly work it puts you on track for the following day when you have gotten over this phase. 

3. Speak to someone you love. Maybe this is face-to-face, or maybe this is over the phone. Either way, someone you love it guaranteed to make you feel better, even if you don't specifically have anything making you sad, those that love have a way of cheering us up. 

4. Do something you enjoy. Watch your favourite film, TV programme or YouTuber. Read your favourite book, or listen to your favourite band. Anything that requires minimal effort and make sure it is something you know will cheer you up.

5. Make your favourite hot drink. I made myself some great hot chocolates this week and this doesn't happen often. They sure made me feel all warm inside! 

6. Eat anything that makes you happy. Yes, it may be that you are trying to be healthier. But eat whatever you fancy. There is no need to make yourself sadder because you really fancy something specific to eat but are depriving yourself of it. 

7. Do some exercise. It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but my flatmates dragged me to the gym and I actually felt 10 times better for it afterwards. Having done some research online it seems this is due to the hormones you release when you exercise, making you feel less stressed. 

8. Make some exciting plans/think about something you have planned. Looking forward means you get out of the negative frame of mind you find yourself in and therefore may find it makes you happier/excited. 

9. Similarly, look back. I really enjoyed looking back at some photos from previous exciting events or happy times. The memories make you smile and therefore lift you out of your sad mood. 

10. Finally. It's okay to cry. Even though the above are generally there to help you cheer up it might actually help to cry. Whilst you may feel a bit silly crying when you don't even know why you're sad, it can actually help. 

Lets be honest we all have those days, so I hope maybe what I do will help you out?
Katie .xx

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