Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A bucket list... The final installment.

I have decided to put the rest of my bucket list into one post to conclude this mini series of blog posts. This by no means completes my bucket list as I am sure as I gain more opportunities and experiences my bucket list is sure to grow. Especially due to my previously mentioned FOMO. Some of these things are a bit bigger or unique than others, but they are all equally important! 

One day I would love to work abroad for at least one year, I don't know where or what I would be doing. But, I just think it would be a great experience both personally and professionally. Maybe it will be somewhere completely random such as India (my Uncle did this!) or perhaps somewhere more like England such as America. 

Leading on from this, hopefully before this I aim to find my dream job or at least I job I completely enjoy. Though, I am now at University I don't completely know what I want to do with my life at this moment in time. On my bucket list, I hope to discover a job I would completely love, so that I don't consider it a chore to go to work every day. 

This one is pretty much a given that it will happen, however moving into my own flat or house is making my bucket list. Though I am not currently living at home, University is a different experience and I can't wait to actually have my own place to do what I want with. 

Moving on to the smaller aspects... I want one day to make a den and watch films in it all day. This seems simple, but sometimes the simple things in life are what makes us happy and I think this would be the cutest way to spend the day. Especially, if I shared it with someone I loved! 

The last thing on my list right now is to one day get a tattoo. When I say this lots of people ask why I don't just get one now. But, I struggle to make decisions/commitments this big. One day I hope I will just know what I want, but until then it is going to remain a bit of a dream. 

Like I say, I realise this is a bit of a small list currently. But, with time I have no doubt it'll grow. I just suppose I like to be sure of these things before I commit to them. 

Katie .xx

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