Saturday, 21 March 2015

A bucket list... Travelling.

Recently, there seems to have been a lot of discussion among my friends, flatmates and family about growing up. I even wrote a blog post on it here. At 19, I don't exactly think (or at least hope) that I am running out of time or that I am in any way old. But, life can sometimes surprise us and not always in ways we want it to.

With this (ever so slightly morbid) thought in mind I decided that I would finally set myself the goal of writing a bucket list. When I originally started writing it I decided that I didn't want it to be a standard bucket list that everyone writes... however it may well have ended up this way.

I think I am going to split it into different sections starting with a travel section because this has always been a big dream of mine, so here goes. 

Like I said, I have wanted to travel the world for as long as I can remember. However, I wanted to be more specific and different to others bucket lists, so, I thought about where I wanted specifically wanted to travel to. I have been lucky enough to already travel quite a lot already with my parents, so I decided that I wanted to add to this by saying I would travel to all 6 continents. This means, I now have 2 more to go! But, this didn't seem enough... I took to social media to see what I could see and found the image below. I decided from there that I would aim to visit these 16 cities

Added to this, and probably top of the list I have always wanted to visit New York. Though, more specifically than this I want to go to New York in winter, around Christmas time. This is the one thing I desperately want to do. 

Do you have any travel plans or aims?

Katie .xx

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