Friday, 27 February 2015


No, the title of this post is not a spelling mistake. It is all about FOMO. Perhaps, uncommonly used but something I think many people suffer with, including much of my family...

The Fear of Missing Out. 

Maybe this seems strange to you. How can I possibly have a fear of missing out? Maybe it is my nosy nature, or the fact I love to socialize. But one thing is for certain, I hate it. An example, would be this weekend. I am going home for the weekend to celebrate a couple of birthdays and have a generally good time. Yet, there is a small piece of me that, despite knowing I will have a good time at home, wants to stay at uni. This is for fear of missing a good night out, a joke or just general 'chilling' time with my friends. 

I am not talking about being left out of something, I had the decision where to spend my weekend, but FOMO means I will constantly require updates of the weekend from my flatmates. This is of course, not a serious matter, it doesn't make me ill. Just means I try to squeeze as much into life as possible, which some may argue is a good thing! Maybe, more people need to suffer from FOMO in the world! 

Have a good weekend, 
Katie .xx

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