Friday, 10 April 2015

Primark Haul

You may have noticed a brief absence of myself from this blog and it is simply because I have been enjoying my time at home. Also, I lacked inspiration for the blog and didn't know what to write about. Until yesterday, when I took a trip to Primark. I had wanted to go for a few weeks now and its safe to say I went a little crazy, so I thought I would share what I bought with you. 

One of my main aims with this shop was to brighten my wardrobe as I feel like I have been wearing only black and white for the last few months. My main way of doing this was with the huge array of tops Primark had in a variety of colours. 

(excuse the creases this is straight out the carrier bag!)

One thing I love about Primark is their offering of Disney T-Shirts and this one completely sums me up. How I wish I could actually be a Disney Princess and so maybe this puts me closer? 

Of course, though I was trying to brighten my wardrobe I could not avoid the black and white completely. For years I have loved this type of patterened trouser but also admired people that could actually pull them off. I decided that this year I would just go for it, buy a pair and make them work. For £8, it was barely worth the thought and so worth giving it a try. 

The shorts caught my eye and were just too cute and comfy to leave behind. 

I have wanted a kimono since last year and the selection in Primark this year was fab! This one is so light and I thought I could wear it on so many different occasions, also tassles are going to be big this year and I couldn't possibly leave it in the shop! 

I bought the blazer below with a specific occassion in mind, but I think it will be suitable for so many different occassions. I could wear it with jeans, or something more dressy and it would be suitable. I'm sure it will get a great deal of wear! 

No trip to Primark is complete without some pjs and I thought these Coca Cola ones were just so cute, the top is slightly cropped and the bottoms are shorts, super comfy but not too much, perfect for lounging in the summer. 

Something else I buy A LOT in Primark is sunglasses, I love sunglasses and at a £1 a pair you can hardly complain. I think I have about 6 pairs in varying colours. I love them. 

And apparently I am loving this mint green/blue at the moment as I also fell in love with these simple pumps and know I will pretty much live in them during Spring/Summer. 

 This cover up will be perfect for my summer holiday. I just need to find that perfect bikini now!

I also love Primark's array of Sportwear, having recently been to the Nike shop to buy some new gear I was shocked at the prices. (Especially due to my Student budget!) I decided it just wasn't worth the money and Primark would serve me fine! Back I went  and found this peach crop as well as another blue one. They will do me just fine for my trips to the gym and were only £4 each. Nothing better. 

As I said, I went a little crazy, but Primark was on point yesterday and filled with so many great clothes for Spring/Summer, I would recommend a trip! 
What is your favourite piece from above?

Katie .xx

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