Monday, 9 February 2015

Growing Up

Oh dear, so having written the blog post previous to this declaring that I was going to change my ways and make blogging a regular occurrence, here we are nearly two weeks later with no blog in sight. 

In fairness, I feel as though I have an excuse. Life seems to have gotten a little more hectic recently and with the start of Semester Two upon me I feel as though I am going to conquer my first year at University. But where is this time going?! 

We returned from Christmas to find a barrage of activity, revision for exams, assignments to complete and the huge responsibility of finding a house for year Two. Suddenly, it felt as though we had to grow up, make some big decisions and live to suffer the consequences. Having turned 19 at the start of January I suppose now would be a good time to start feeling like an actual adult, but quite frankly the responsibility is scary. Never have I had such a large responsibility and to be honest it was stressful. As a group of 5 girls we were quite specific about location, price and elements to the house. For what felt like weeks we considered different properties available to rent in the area and between us stressed at various times that we wouldn't get a house. However, eventually after trawling every property site possible to find the 'perfect' student house -if such a thing exists- the girls and I managed it. A cute little 5 bedroom house, complete with a communal area and in the perfect location. We cannot quite believe our luck, especially as it felt like we were running out of time. 

Not only were we pleased to find such a lovely house that we all agreed on but signing the contract felt like a massive achievement, our first properly adult thing to do. Whilst university had made me more independent from my parents this was the first major decision I had had to make without them right next to me and the first one which could have some pretty big consequences. Now I've made that one decision I feel like I can do anything life throws at me, even if it is a little stressful at times... right?! 

Katie .xx

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