Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The End of Summer

I guess with the return of everyone to school, university and work, it is safe to say that is the end of Summer in the UK (though can we argue we didn't actually have one?!). At the start of Summer, I wrote a list of plans, which I claimed to update you on. Clearly, I failed as I was so busy enjoying myself, that this blog did quite frankly get slightly abandoned... Sorry! As a result I thought it best to look back across my entire Summer to see quite how well I had done.

1. I planned to learn Portuguese for my holiday. Yes, I went away to Portugal with my family for 2 weeks on a much deserved, relaxing holiday away. Like I said in my previous post I had a little Spanish under my belt and from a quick look I saw that they were in fact pretty similar. This was no excuse however, for the fact that I actually started learning Portuguese on the plane journey out there. Luckily, it turned out that the area we were in was full of English speakers and often they were happy enough to help us out and get us around.

2. Learn how to use my SLR camera... Ok, so I ended up selling my SLR for a smaller compact camera due to the size of my SLR I found I rarely used it as I could not often be bothered to carry it around with me... However, my new camera does still have the option of going manual and so I perhaps will have to have this as a plan for next Summer (yet again!) hehe.

3. Travel in the UK more. I tried at this one I really did. With all my plans I visited my boyfriend near his camp in Camberley, went to Portsmouth to visit family. I even planned and started the journey to Oxford to see my flatmate... but then my poor little bug of a car broke down halfway through the journey and I have not had time to make it up there since :( I do have plans to visit York in October, which is supposed to be beautiful and perhaps will have more plans during the Winter, eventually I will visit some truly beautiful places!

4. Get back into reading. Finally, one think I can say I actually achieved as you will see with my book review of Gone Girl. Now to just keep it up when semester restarts.

5. Watch more of the classic films. So, yet again I have not seen many more of the classics, but I have watched a lot more films this year. My boyfriend is a big film nerd and loves them a lot so I guess this comes with girlfriend role for him haha.

6. Make macarons. Ok, I still haven't managed that one, mainly because I forgot about it. But I did make this awesome Minion cake instead! (not quite the same Katie...)

Looking back on my list it doesn't seem as though I have achieved much (oops!), but I have really enjoyed this Summer! It will soon be back to uni for year 2, which I am excited for but it will mean the hard work has to start again, so it was nice to have a couple months relaxation, despite the number of hours I have done at work too.  

Did you have good summers?
Katie .xx 

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