Friday, 18 September 2015

Choosing the right foundation

I honestly feel as though this is an area in which I fail as a girl. Is it just my incompetence or is finding a foundation that is the right colour, consistency and coverage actually as hard as I make it seem?
Just when I think I have found the perfect colour for me I discover that in actual fact I hate the coverage, it is too thick or just doesn't have the lasting power I expect from a foundation. Perhaps I simply expect too much from a high street foundation, but on my student budget it is hard to justify spending upwards of £25 on my foundation.
I feel as though I have tried all the brands available on the high street market, even trying the colour match scheme in Boots, didn't work to my expectations as it appeared I was actually between two different shades they had on offer.
I am going onto the high street today to try to find a new foundation with the perfect colour and consistency.
Does anyone have any tips? Should I just splash the money on a high end foundation?
Katie .xx

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