Monday, 1 December 2014

What do I love about Christmas?

Yep, its December, which for me officially means Christmas has started! I love Christmas and I have probably already driven my family and friends completely mad with my excitement. I would even go as far as saying I am actually getting more excited as I get older... 
But, what do I love about Christmas so much? Here are the 10 things I love the best about Christmas!
1. Christmas films. One of the only times of year I actually watch films; how can you not completely love Elf? It will be watched this week as it is apparently now allowed (according to my flatmates!). 
2. Food. Most people's favourite thing about Christmas. But, I don't just mean the quantity, I mean the things that you only get to eat at Christmas; mince pies, Christmas chocolate (e.g. heroes!) and large quantities of roast dinners! 
3. Christmas baking. Okay so it is kind of linked to above, but the baking that you do at Christmas always seems a little more special. I mean how often have I spent time constructing a gingerbread house? That can only happen at Christmas!
4. Christmas lights. Everything looks just so sparkly and pretty! Whats not to love?! I still love driving around at Christmas to see them all hung on people's houses.
5. Christmas music. Yes I know its cheesy, but, I think everyone loves the music really. Its the time of year everyone knows the lyrics and the whole family agrees what music should be played. Its just so happy! 
6. Buying, wrapping and giving gifts. Yep, I love pretty much every aspect of giving gifts from deciding what to buy (most of the time!), to choosing the wrapping paper, the wrapping process (Christmas music blaring, of course.) and then seeing the person's reaction when you give them the gift! 
7. Jumpers. This is the time of year where it is acceptable to wrap up warm in a cute Christmas jumper. Plus, it makes it 10 times easier to get ready of a morning! 
8. Fires and candles. Curling up next to the fire, with the scented candles lit is just the perfect thing to do of a cold, winters evening.
9. Seeing all your friends and family. It is the time of year where you suddenly decide you have to see as many of the people you love as possible and what could make you happier than that?
10. Happiness. Pretty much everyone is happy at this time of year. Whilst, you get the odd scrooge and people that would simply hate the fact that I have even written this post, a majority of people are in a great mood. I think nothing beats this. 

Source: (Elf picture)

So, that's what I enjoy most about Christmas, pretty standard I guess, but that's what makes me happy! 
Katie .xx

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