Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Week in Photos... again.

Ok, so I realise I only did a post similar to this 2 posts ago. But it would seem that it is a new thing for me to get all nostalgic around this time on a Sunday and feel the need to look back on my previous week. So, as I sit here eating Tesco Cherry Ice Cream (a new find, but amazing!) and my Primark, 'Sweet Vanilla & Coconut' candle burning that I have decided to do another post looking back on this week. Perhaps this will be a new regular thing on the blog? 

I realise looking at this collage, that most of my week has been consumed with food and drink... but all my favourite days usually are! 

It's lovely to see the weather finally cheering up in England and so I have tried to make the most of my beautiful surroundings on campus by taking detours to the lake every now and again. Or even to the point of having a picnic by it today. 

Earlier in the week, I had the pleasure of 'helping' one of my flatmates with her assessment for her hospitality degree by going to the restaurant on campus and having a beautiful 2 course meal consisting of fajitas and an ice cream sundae to the theme of 'Summer Fling'. It was a beautiful meal and I felt quite proud of her as she served us very professionally. I have to say I could get used to the idea of going to restaurants and eating to help people out, possible career idea in the making perhaps?!

This weekend has been truly lovely, with the weather brightening up as I already mentioned, as well as the fact C now gets weekends off as he works his way through Phase 2. This meant we had the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun and have a general wander. We took a trip down to Southampton to wander around the amazing West Quays Shopping Centre for a couple of hours before heading to Portsmouth and Gunwharf Quays to see some family of mine. It was safe to say that we really enjoyed our stroll near the Sea... despite how busy it was. We both particularly enjoyed the cold drink we had outside the pub there before going to Cafe Rouge for a beautiful meal and a catch up with some of my family. 

All in all the sun is putting everyone in a fantastic mood. Now to have a week of hard revision in time for exams. I cannot wait for summer so expect a post on that soon...
Katie .xx

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