Friday, 21 November 2014

Growing Up

Whist scrolling through the endless posts on Instagram the other day, I saw an image that felt relevant. (Though I can't now find it!) The image said, 'part of me wants to be 6 again but part of me wants to be 21'. 
This, having been at University for 2 months could not sum up my feelings more. The amount of freedom university gives you is crazy and yet a part of me wants to go back to my younger days, where my Mum and Dad had total control of many of the major decisions in my life. The hardest thing I had to do was decide what flavour yoghurt to eat for lunch or something equally insignificant and only if I actually wanted to make it. Now, I am faced daily with these little decisions, no one is making them for me and further than that, I am having to make some actually life changing decisions as I get older.

I am now in charge of my life. The direction it goes. My career. Where I live. 

This to me is crazy. How can it be that suddenly, I am in charge of my life?! Is it possible to rewind and go back to being 6 again? Have the decisions made for me?
On the other hand, it could not be more exciting. I can do anything with my life. Yes, for now I am at University. I am studying towards my degree, but I still have complete control as to what direction this takes me. Where I live next year, who I live with, what modules I take. Plus, these are just a few suggestions. This has never been more exciting! Okay, so I may not know what I want to do with my life. I have a general idea; get a good job, nice home, go travelling. But, most people have these aims and goals. My life is still really quite unrestrained. I'm not tied down to anything particularly significant and therefore in 5 years time I could be somewhere entirely different, doing something entirely different. If I want to be. I suppose this is the point, I can do whatever I want to do and be whatever I want to be. And though this is scary, there is nothing more exciting than that.
Katie .xx

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